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Jóság (Goodness)/ "Jósi"
Gondűző-Alkonyat Örök Jóság 
Brown Female: Carries Brown,
Black , possibly Ashgray
Born April 20, 2008, COI 5.8%, 45 cm
All MKOE:1199/09, 11/26/09  
Eyes: will be checked before breeding 

Jóság was born in Hungary, she is the daughter of Fecske and Csoki. She passed the Breeding Exam (Hungary), Herding Instinct Test (Hungary) and the MMK Temperament Test (Hungary) in early 2009.  She has light brownish eyes and dark brown pigment.  Perhaps this is our most lovely and most correctly structured puppy born to date.  Her athletic ability and that of her littermates is unsurpassable. She is a most incredible dog in every way and simply adores Péter, she is his ever-present shadow and footwarmer in the bed.  She is a very sweet and mischievious beauty that always keeps us on our toes.
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